Sita DynoTester Tensiometer

Hand-held Tensiometer for Process Monitoring and Quality Control


peek capillaries type i brown 25 41 Sita DynoTester Tensiometerpeek capillaries type ii black 26 d0 Sita DynoTester Tensiometer

Type I PEEK – easy manual cleaning for paints and varnishes

Type II PEEK – for monitoring process liquids

Type III Glass – for agressive liquids

Disposal capillaries PTFE – for special cases

Heating plate with magnetic stirrer

and stand for SITA DynoTester+

Double walled glass vessel

for use with thermal liquid circulator (thermostat) including special cover and insulation

Sample vessels 50 ml

1 set = 10 pcs.

Acid protection kit

Borosilicate glass protection for temperature probe, glass cover, PE jacket for sensor head or device

Mini sample vessels – 5 ml

Power supply

EURO-plug, UK-plug, US-plug

  • Brochure-SITA-DynoTesterPlus-new-2020.pdf