Sita Pro line t15

Flexible and compact all-round Tensiometer for analysis and optimization

Laboratory automation with the new Windows-Software SITA-LabSolution

RTEmagicC SITA t100 Tablet 06.png Sita Pro line t15

  • Automation of laboratory measurements with a wide range of accessories for analysing active ingredients
  • Intuitive operation ensures efficient preparation of experiments and
    evaluation of measuring results
  • Easy access to all functions of the tensiometer
  • Report function for creating measurement protocols and reports

Controlling a wide range of accessories

Burette (fluid dosing unit)



Magnetic stirrer, (heating) stirrer

Process Interface
Easy integration of Tensiometer SITA pro line t15 in a continuous process monitoring.
Characteristics: potential-free access for controlling the device, current interface for measuring data

Heating plate with magnetic stirrer
and stand for SITA pro line t15

Type I PEEK – easy manual cleaning for paints and varnishes
Type II PEEK – for monitoring process liquids

Double walled glass vessel
For use with thermal liquid circulator (thermostat) including special cover and insulation

Sample vessels 50 ml
1 set = 10 pcs.

Acid protection kit
Glass cover, PE jacket for sensor head or device

Power supply
EURO-plug, UK-plug, US-plug

  • Brochure-SITA-pro-line-t15-2018.pdf