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    BETOL 39T

    An inorganic binder based on especially modified sodium silicate without any volatile organic additives.

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  • BETOL KS402A

    A stable homogeneous colloidal dispersion of amorphous silica in water. It is an opalescent to slightly turbid liquid with low viscosity susceptible to frost.Due to […]

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  • BETOLIN P-35

    A highly stabilised, highly concentrated and odourless solution of potassium silicate.

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  • BETOLIN Q-40

    A low viscosity, aqueous solution of special hydrophilic alkoxylated alkylammonium compound.

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  • BETOLIN V-30

    An anionic readily biodegradable, swelling retarded thickener based on polysaccharides.

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  • SAPETIN D-27

    An almost neutral and odourless aqueous solution of modified phosphonic acid salts.

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